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    Photo Magic v1.0.0 Premium Full


    PhotoMagic now is ready for Windows platform, supporting Windows 8, with which users can enhance picture in a personalized way. Specially designed for photo enhancement, this picture enhancement software provides quite a lot of attractive and fantastic photography effects for photo enhancement.

    With the picture enhance software, you don't have to be a professional user to enhance a photo. Just adjust photo - crop, rotate, filp photo, apply pre-set effects - lighting effect, filter effect, frame decoration, finally save and share your photo enhancement artwork with friends and family. All is done!

    Simply edit photo for photo enhancement

    You can simply edit photo before customize it with effects. The photo enhancement software allows it to adjust photo with the basic functionalities.
    - Crop photo and make effect on a specific area.
    - Rotate photo to any angle
    - Filp photo for a different feeling.
    - Compare the finished photo enhancement with the original.

    One click to enhance a photo

    It just requires a few clicks to enhance a photo with prepared effects. If you just want a single effect for photo, one click is enough!
    - One click to apply filter effect or lighting effect.
    - One click to add photo frame.
    - One click to remove the already added effect and back to the original one.
    - One click to apply random effect with fiter and lighting effect.

    Featured different lighting and filter effects, stylish frame

    There are a great number of professional designed effects to enhance picture with fabulous style and theme.
    - Various preset filter effects are right there for you such as Blur, Hue, Color Blur, Charcoal, and etc.
    - With these insanely amazing lighting effects, you will find photos will be magically turned into images from elegant retro-styles to creative modern artistic effects.
    - Rich and stylish frames for photo enhancement to customzie photo.

    Print, save and share your magic work

    Let your friends and family know! PhotoMagic helps you share easier ever with built-in functionality.
    - Save your photos in JPEG, TIFF, and PNG.
    - Set it as your computer wallpaper.
    - Post your magic photo enhancement artwork directly to Facebook or Flickr
    - Print your photos and share as posts.
    - Email your image enhancement to friends and family.

    System Requirment
    OS: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista / XP (32Bit / 64Bit)
    CPU: 1GHz Intel/AMD processor or above
    RAM:512MB (512MB or above recommended)
    Hard Disk: 500MB Free Space or above



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    Phần mềm hay quá nhưng lại không có key.Dù sao cũng cám ơn nhé
  3. Roser

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    Bạn không chịu đọc file txt> File setup đã full sẵn rồi. > Bạn cài đặt vào là full luôn :)
  4. PeterPan

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    Cái này bạn cài bản lần đầu nó sẽ báo bạn phải nhập Serial mới xài Full .Nhưng bạn cứ tắt hết chương trình và cài đè lên 1 phát nữa !Là FUll !

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