Internet Radio 2.0.7 - Phần mềm nghe nhiều kênh RADIO cho Android

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    Internet Radio 2.0.7


    Internet Radio - Internet Radio # 1! Designed for listening to the radio in the 54 countries of more than 50.000 countries! Considered one of the best among the products of this type. A lot of settings, chips and most useful features. Read more in the full news)

    - Listen to 50,000 radio stations from around the world
    - Retro style theme
    - Search for stations by keyword
    - Display song information (title / singer)
    - Adjust the brightness / volume
    - The list of stations across the country
    - List of Top 100 stations
    - Sleep Timer
    ... other possibilities

    - You can set the alarm
    - Shake to turn off the alarm
    - Support for multiple alarms
    - Fully configurable retry interval
    - Alarm sound with vibration
    - Set "Fade In / Fade Out"
    - Set the number of " shocks "

    What's new in this version:
    - Genre information of the Radio Station is added and available
    - Bug Fixed and Enhanced General Stability




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